SAN MOISSAN USA 0.81 Dew VVS/FG White Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring for Women

Price: ₹ 14,400.00 - ₹ 10,080.00
(as of Aug 31,2020 01:17:13 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Shine bright like Moissanite!

Moissanite shimmers with such fire that it is said to have been “born from the stars”. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds (2.65), and even higher levels of brilliance and fire than diamonds. “The world’s most brilliant gem”, as it is often called, are the ideal gemstones for daily wear.

Mossainite is affordable, scratch-resistant and require minimal maintenance to keep them sparkling. Moissanite measures 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness and are known to be one of the hardest gemstones on earth next to diamond which makes them last forever..Moissanite has superior heat resistance to diamond and even at 1100 degree centigrade it remains as beautiful and brilliant whereas diamond vaporizes.

The Moissainite used in San Moissan jewelry is VVS quality – the highest quality of gemstones as per industry standards. Our jewelry is also manufactured by artisans who specialize in high-end diamond jewelry.

Solitaire Engagement Ring for WomenSolitaire Engagement Ring for Women

Solitaire Engagement Ring for Women

This San Moissan engagement ring is carefully crafted to represent everything that’s special about your relationship. Ticking all the boxes for cut, colour, carat and clarity, this ring is a perfect symbol to mark the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Cut,Colour and Clarity








The cut of a gemstone is not synonymous with shape, rather, it refers to the symmetry, proportions and polish of the gem. Cut is one of the most important feature, as it determines the amount of light or “sparkle” reflected from the stone. Each of our gemstones are hand-faceted by our expert gemcutters into the shapes most conducive to each stone’s natural attributes – so every gem will remain just as brilliant as the day you received it.


The Moissanite colour scale similar to that of Diamond, graded alphabetically from D-Z, indicates the level of yellowness in the stone. D,E,F, moissanite are colourless and precious and considered as superior quality stones. G-J are the moderately tinted and whereas K-M are visible yellow and are of poor quality. If you’re considering moissanite, know that you should always go for D,E,F quality which is almost colourless. Regardless of which one you choose, moissanite’s colour will never fade or change over time.


Moissanites similar to that of diamonds are distinguished by imperfections that are only visible under magnification. These could create a cloudy appearance, thus affecting value .

Jewellery Packaging

All our jewelry is packed and comes in a beautiful blue plastic box with led light which is then securely inserted in an outer box that is covered with shrink packaging & finally shipped in tamper proof bag.


To celebrate every special occasion, jewelry gifting comes first in the mind.. Gold and diamonds being quite expensive and Cubic Zerconia silver jewelry being non durable and cheap, San Moissan’s Mossainite jewelry with brilliant and stunning beauty with life long shine and scratch proof quality.

How to take Care of Moissanite

Our jewellery should always sparkle and shine to highlight the beautiful you.
Moissanite jewellery can be cleaned using mild soap with warm water and soft cloth or toothbrush.
Place the moissanite jewelry in the soapy solution, then gently brush the stone, taking care to get into the hard to reach areas. Moissanite jewellery needs to be cleaned once in a month or whenever the stone looks dirty !!

Metal Stamp: .925 Sterling Silver
Metal Type: White Gold Finish
Gem Type: Moissanite
Carat Total Weight: 0.96

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