ARG HEALTH CARE PPE-KIT Medical Disposable Protective Cover All Suit for Doctor,Hospital, Laboratory Pack of Six Pieces 100% Water Proof PPE-KIT 90 GSM ISO & CE Certified PPE-KIT White

Price: ₹ 850.00 - ₹ 446.00
(as of Sep 15,2020 07:47:18 UTC – Details)

ARG Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit is most important in preventing transmission, not only in treatment centres but also for various activities, e.g. cleaning, waste management and safe burials. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee

ARG Protective equipment consists of garments placed to protect the health care workers or any other person. These usually consist of standard precautions: gloves, mask, gown, goggles, coverall, head cover, shoe cover etc. PPE prevents contact by creating a barrier between the potential material and the health care worker

Note: This product is products.

Waist design: Fits well to meet different body wear requirements All the materials we are using are as per Govt. approved vendors. Our fabrics are 90 GSM approved
Gloves Gloves are powdered latex and help protect you when directly handling materials or contaminated surfaces. Coverall Gowns Gowns help protect you from the contamination of clothing. ARG PPE kit coverall 90 GSM is breathable full body cover,non woven,waterproof,spunbound poly laminated with hood.
Shoe and Head Cover Shoe and head covers provide a barrier against possible exposure within a contaminated environment. Shoe cover is 90 GSM non-woven and high ankle. Head cap is high quality non woven fabric cap.
Face Masks Surgical masks help protect your nose and mouth from splattered of body fluids, and filter the air before you inhale it. Face mask in ARG PPE kit is 3 ply mask with nose pin and anti microbial fabric filter. Eye Protection Goggles help protect only your eyes from splatters and gives you full eye protection.

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