SHOP END HERE Brass Buddha Idol, 7-inch (Bronze)

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Product Description


How to Make this Beautiful Buddha Idol

Clay is beaten with wooden mallet to convert them into powder. The powder is filtered to get the fine mixture of claySand and sugarcane waste is added to clay and mixed well. The mixture is filled in the metal frame.The mixture is stamped to compress it in the frame. It is beaten it with rod to settle evenly.Brass articles are placed on the mixture. It is placed to leave the impression on the sand for casting.Little amount of clay is applied on the raised platforms of the idol.Chalk powder is sprinkled on the mold. Another metal frame is kept on the base frame to make the other side of the mold.Clay mixture is filled in the frame. Clay is compressed by rolling an iron rod over it. Once the impression of master piece is taken the article is removed from the mold.With a small metal rod hole is made to make way for the metal flow. Both the sides of the mold it prepared and joined. Brass is heated in a furnace. Molten material is poured in the molds.The metal is let to cool down for a while. With the help of a spoon the casted metal is scooped out.The casted articles are removed and allowed to cool. With the help of hammer the mold is broken and the casted articles are removed.Parts of the idols are made separately and the joined together by soldering.Idols are fixed to the base by nailing or fixing with a screw. Details are carved using chisels.End product is filed to smoothen the rough edges.Idols are buffed to smoothen the surface and bring out shine.Idols are rubbed with wood husk to make the surface look lustrous.Article is washed with chemical solutions.Final products of brass Buddha is made.

HandCrafted Product by Skilled Artisans from India.

Buddha Brass

Buddha Brass

Buddha Engraving

Buddha Engraving

Home Decor

Home Decor

Height : 7 Inches

Beautiful Product with 7 Inch Height, Stable Base which makes is more Attractive.

Beautiful Engravings

Each and Every Corner is finished with utmost care and perfection.

Home Decor Item

Can be used anywhere, fin your Home, Office or can be used as a Gift.

Traditional Design Very appealing and Eye Catching
Enhance the decor value of the temple, house, office, hotel. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies
Enhance your home by ShopEndHere Buddha Statue symbol of peace and harmony
Care Instruction – Don’t wash, use dry/wet cotton cloth to remove dirt

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