Kili Fashion Women’s Banarasi Silk Saree With Unstitched Blouse Piece

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Kili Fashion Banarasi Silk Saree latest Design 2020 For Women Party Wear Bridal latest Design SareeKili Fashion Banarasi Silk Saree latest Design 2020 For Women Party Wear Bridal latest Design Saree

The Banarasi saree is the national Dress for Indian women and it’s a very important part of the women’s life. Most women adorn the saree to any occasion because of its elegance and sophistication. The Banarasi saree is not only popular as part of the bridal wears in Bengal weddings but women from all religions and social status love this saree. The saris are among the finest saris in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari Work. The saris are made of finely woven silk and are decorated with intricate design. This Banarasi saree is not only making waves in the Indian fashion industry but also in the international fashion world.

This Ethnic Wear has many intricate and complex designs woven into the six yards that make this saree stunning. Even with technology, Varanasi still uses hand-weaving techniques to weave intricate designs with gold and silver threads to make this Banarasi saree. These beautiful and elegant sarees have become very popular and every woman’s first choice when it comes to sarees. Their fashionable and exotic weavings by designers who use zari, motifs, and emeralds have become a favourite among women across the world.


A Mordern Boutique With Vintage Charm.

cotton silk sareecotton silk saree

Be Exclusive.

The centuries-old Banarasi weaving tradition. These are feather-light and sheer sarees, with fine motifs woven all over the body giving it a luxurious and grand finish.

Choose from our extensive range of Silk sarees from Kili Fashion, in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Explore the beauty of true Handloom Sarees

Shine with Elegance

Kili Fashion presenting Banarasi Silk saree in a soft smooth texture. The saree is adorned with colorful woven borders, and intricate motifs all over the body. The pretty patterns appear to float on the sheer body of the sarees, creating a mystical look. The fine, soft texture makes it a pleasure to drape it.

Fine Soft and Smooth Texture

Very Light Weight and Airy

Weaved using fine quality threads

All over woven design

Made In India :

Handloom 1

Handloom 1

Handloom 2

Handloom 2

Handloom 3

Handloom 3

Manufacturing Process:

The Jacquard loom is a mechanical loom, invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801, which simplifies the process of manufacturing textiles with complex patterns such as brocade. The loom is controlled by punched cards with punched holes, each row of which corresponds to one row of the design. Multiple rows of holes are punched on each card and the many cards that compose the design of the textile are strung together in order.

How silk was discovered:

According to the 27th century BC tale, the discovery of silk was an accident. It stated Empress Leizu was having tea one day when a silk worm’s cocoon fell into her cup.In its attempt to get out, the thread of the cocoon began to unroll. So the Empress thought of weaving the thread. The Yellow Emperor, encouraged his wife to study the life of silk worm, and so she learned the art of raising silk worms or what is called sericulture. Her entourage was taught as well and thus the advent of the silk industry.

Manufacturing Process:

The Jacquard head used replaceable punched cards to control a sequence of operations. It is considered an important step in the history of computing hardware. The ability to change the pattern of the loom’s weave by simply changing cards was an important conceptual precursor to the development of computer programming and data entry. Charles Babbage knew of Jacquard machines and planned to use cards to store programs in his Analytical Engine.

handloom 4

handloom 4

handloom 5

handloom 5

handloom 6

handloom 6

Stay Saskari With Saree.


Saree is an outfit that describes the essence of a woman when it comes to adorning an ethnic outfit for a casual or festive occasion.

This saree is made from Banarasi silk also known as Art Silk and available in various color options.

The color selection is done accordingly the customer’s choice like Bright and Sober.

Kili Fashion offer a high-quality range of sarees that are designed by our team of creative professionals and at the same time perfect mix of modern patterns and contemporary designs.

This is a truly amazing combination in banarasi silk sarees in this season, with allover checks in a plaid pattern and a stunning pink gold border with tasseled pallu.

Just the stylish yet traditional saree you need to get you through the weddings and festivities this season.

bangali sareebangali saree

Kili Fashion – The Orignal

Kili Fashion takes you through a journey of the rich heritage of India while bringing you the regional specialty and character with each fabric. Time travel through the passages of history and discover the finest of crafts and the best of weaving with us.Your one-stop treasure trove to find sarees online from each part of India! Be it Gujarat’s Silky Woven patola, Telangana’s uppada pattu or Banaras’s Banarasi silk here is an exquisite collection of delightful craftsmanship!


Saree Fabric :- Banarasi Silk ; Blouse Fabric :- Banarasi Silk
Saree Length:- 5.5 Meter ; Saree Width:- 1.1 Meter ; Blouse Piece Length :- 0.80 Meter
Saree Work Details :- Woven ; Blouse Work Details :- Woven Work Blouse With Border
Explore the collection of beautifully designed sarees .
Each piece is elegantly crafted and will surely add to your wardrobe.

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